April, 2015

KXR Inspection is now certified to perform Positive Material Identification (PMI) utilizing the Bruker S1 TITAN. The S1 TITAN is among the lightest (1.5 kg, including battery) tube-based handheld XRF analyzers on the market today. Fast analysis speed and exceptional accuracy are two key attributes that help define the S1 TITAN. For more information see

July, 2014

In addition to the NDT services previously awarded for the DOW Gulfstream Pipeline, KXR Inspection has been chosen to provide NDT services on the DOW Gulfstream MSP project. This project covers various station upgrades and new construction to support the transportation of ethylene to DOW Freeport. DOW is taking advantage of the low cost of natural gas feedstock to build infrastructure for additional manufacturing capabilities.

February, 2014

KXR Inspection has been chosen by Troy Construction to provide x-ray services for the DOW Gulfstream Pipeline (Phase 1). The pipeline runs from Texas City to Freeport, TX and includes 37 miles of 12” pipe slated to be used for the transport of ethylene. The pipeline is part of a multi-billion dollar expansion DOW has initiated to take advantage of low domestic natural gas prices.